For every client or candidate coming to us, the first step is to analyse and break down the brief.

We look at every element and requirement. Using our expertise, sector and market knowledge to understand and often challenge what you’re asking for.

It’s how we add the ultimate value to your search. We save you significant time in putting the right person in the right job at the right time and place.

Even organisations with in-house talent acquisition teams come to us to finesse this vital stage and get the brief right – even if they then go on to handle the delivery.

How many other search consultancies would be asked to do this? How many would do it?

Here’s the rest of the process:


We have dedicated researchers to identify and contact candidates. All with over 10 years experience, this is all they do. It’s why they know the most effective and influential way to showcase the role to potentially the right person.

Focussed shortlist

Typically, for each appointment we interview between 8-12 carefully selected candidates. Each is assessed against the key criteria agreed at the briefing session and scored against those criteria to provide objective assessment. We also prepare a report on every candidate with recommendations. Not only on their skills and experience but also their equally important fit with the organisation.

A select few

Usually 3-4 candidates are selected for final interviews and often we attend these to provide continuity and facilitate a more productive meeting.

The right offer

Creating the right offer involves huge experience. We usually handle this process to ensure all questions are answered and fully resolved for the chosen candidate. There’s often a 2-3 month period before the appointed person starts so we continue to be involved and handle communications during that time. Starting a new role should be as smooth as possible.


Our work is skilled, time consuming and our knowledge and experience in conducting searches is rare, as well as crucial to their success.

That’s reflected in the two charging options we have:

Time based

This is an excellent option for multiple appointments. Or for handling the initial briefing and developing the search strategy for internal talent acquisition teams to then deliver.

Fee based

Charged in three equal stages:

  • Commencement of assignment
  • Upon an offer being made to the selected candidate
  • Upon the start date of the appointed candidate.