Everyone talks about the importance of relationships in the executive search business. Few seem to have the knack of creating and sustaining them in a meaningful way.

We do. Not because there’s any science to it, just a commitment to work hard, be there when it matters, be open-minded and have a sense of humour.

So, we could say we specialise in energy, and with our expertise that’s true.

But to be more accurate, in the increasingly complex and shape-shifting world of infrastructure, we specialise in the people that keep it going.

With 30 years experience we know what good looks like, and where to find the right pools of people to deliver it.

It's a critical knowledge that we continually refresh and expand. It equips us to specialise in today's most dynamic and fluid sectors - energy, transport, construction and development and the professions that service them.


We look at every element and requirement. Using our expertise, sector and market knowledge to understand and often challenge what you're asking for.